Bremen and Immanuel LYF

2017-2018 School Year Schedule

As a general rule, LYF will meet on the second Sunday (at Bethlehem) and the fourth Sunday (at Immanuel) of the month. Pastor Fenker will have devotions at each meeting.  If you can’t be at the meeting and you are either assigned to snacks. Drinks, or recreation, please switch with someone!  Let’s have a great year together!

October 8 - Regular Meeting, Snacks: Grace, Drinks: Grant; Recreation: Brittany

October 15 – Soup Dinner

October 22 - Regular Meeting, Snacks: Carson, Drinks: Shaleena; Recreation: Elizabeth

November 12 – Regular Meeting, Snack: Mackenzie, Drinks: Tyler; Recreation: Jacob

November 26 – Regular Meeting, Snacks: Kayla, Drinks: Andrew; Recreation: Austin

December 10 – Regular Meeting, Snacks: Caden, Drinks: Gus; Recreation: Garrett

December 17 (?) – Christmas Caroling (Bring fruit for fruit baskets)

January 14 –Regular Meeting, Snacks: Johny, Drinks: Brittany, Recreation: Grace

January 28 –  Regular Meeting, Snacks: Elizabeth, Drinks: Jacob, Recreation: Grant

Feb 11 – Regular Meeting, Snacks: Austin, Drinks: Garrett, Recreation: Carson

Feb ? – Dinner on the Hill (Valentine’s Day Banquet)

Feb 25 – Regular Meeting, Snacks: Grace, Drinks: Grant, Recreation:  Mackenzie

March 11 – Snacks: Mackenzie, Drinks: Tyler; Recreation: Shaleena

March 25 – Snacks: Andrew, Drinks: Kayla; Recreation: Tyler

April 8 – Snacks: Gus; Drinks: Caden; Recreation: Kayla

April 22 – Snacks: Brittany, Drinks: Johnny; Recreation: Brittany

May 6 – Snacks & Drinks: Sponsors; Recreation: Sponsors